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Payment is quarterly, with settlement being made around the middle of the month following quarter end. In order for your application to be considered, it must be received by the last working day of the quarter in which you require payment. If any queries are raised, these must be resolved by the deadline provided. If you are unable to resolve the query, or the claim is not received within the timescales, payment will fall into the following quarter, and applicable pro rata percentage. There is no exception to this rule.

The following example demonstrates how the pro rata percentage is calculated. This percentage will be applied to all invoices within the run, and is not specific to claim value.

Quarter 2 Pro Rata % (date)
Requested Value of Eligible Claims £150,000.00 (A) This is the total of all eligible claims during the quarter
MGS Budget £125,000.00 (B) This is the budget available for the quarter
Plus: Carry Over from Previous Quarter £500.00 (B) This was the unused amount at the end of quarter 1
Less: Administration Costs – £1,000.00 (B) This is the Service Centre costs for
administration of the scheme
Less: Supplementary Payment run – £50.00 (B) This is the amount paid out in the Supplementary Payment run*
Plus: Credits to the Grant Scheme £100.00 (B) This is the total of all credits to the grant
scheme (i.e. BACS rejections)
Revised Budget Available for Payment £124,550.00 (C) The total budget available for the Allocation quarter – i.e. the sum of all items marked (B)
Pro Rata % Applied to all Eligible Claims 83.0333%   (C) ÷ (A) – This is the pro rata percentage
that will be applied to all invoices

The quarterly details will be included on the Homepage of the scheme website in the above format immediately following transmission of each standard payment run. The Service Centre will not be able to advise the expected payment rate prior to completion of the payment run.

*Supplementary payment runs may be made outside of the quarterly payment run to repay any claims where the first payments have been rejected by BACS transfer or to pay on appeals/corrections. Standard claims will not be paid via Supplementary runs.

Where a reduced pro rata percentage has been applied to your payment, you cannot reclaim the 'lost' element of the invoice.


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