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The Memorials Grant Scheme makes grants towards the VAT incurred by registered charities and faith groups excepted from registering as charities, in the construction, repair and maintenance of public memorial structures. The scheme is only valid for the construction, renovation and maintenance of memorials on or after 16 March 2005.

The scheme is currently funded until 31 March 2025 and will operate with an annual budget of approximately £0.5million. The precise budget for each financial year will be published on the scheme’s website each year.

Payment will be made once a quarter and the payable rate will depend on the value of the eligible claims received in that quarter, with each claim attracting a pro rata payment. Please refer to the Claim Payment section on page 4 for details of the pro rata calculation.

The maximum grant payable in response to any application will be 20% of project costs (i.e. the maximum payable will be the full rate of VAT incurred on eligible expenditure). If the total funding is not used in any quarter, it will be available in the following quarter, but not transferrable between years. We are prevented by accounting rules from transferring any year end excess into the next financial year.

The scheme is being administered by DCMS for the whole of the United Kingdom.

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