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  • Have you completed all questions fully ?
  • Have you enclosed VAT contractors invoices ?
  • Does the invoice fully detail the works carried out ?

If it only summarises the works, please enter the detail in question 16. Generic details (e.g. ‘various’ repairs) are not acceptable.

This should be signed by an authorised individual in the organisation that has legal responsibility for the place of worship.

Please ensure if submitting the application by email that you copy in the counter signatory.

Please refer to the checklist on the Application Form prior to submitting your application

The Memorials Grant Scheme will check each application in isolation. We do not refer back to previous claims. Each application must fully detail the works, even if previous claims have been made under the same contract.

  • If the invoice covers works before and after the start of the scheme (16th March 2005), has this been clearly detailed on either the invoice or the application ?
  • Is the bank Account no longer than 8 digits ?
  • Has the application been signed ?
  • Has the correct person been specified as the correspondent ?

This individual must be able to fully resolve any queries regarding the application. If necessary, they must obtain the information directly from the contractor. The Memorial Grant Scheme will not discuss any aspect of this application with a third party.

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