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Please note that from 23rd June 2014 there are now additional ways to submit your application to us.

  1. It is now possible to download an electronic version of the application form from this website, type your responses and then email the form directly to us, together with electronic copies or scans of the supporting documentation. You can also submit the form by email and the invoices separately by post if you are unable to send electronic copies or scans.
  2. You can download the form, complete this by hand and submit this by email or post.
  3. Alternatively, if you require a paper version of the application form sent to you, please call us on 0845 013 6601 or send a request by email.

You will be able to download the application form from however if you require a paper version of the form please call 0845 013 6601 (from 1 June) for further assistance or alternatively, send an email to:

Our email address is

Our contact details are:

Topmark (LPOW)

160 Bath Street


G2 4TB




Please note that from 1st June 2014 existing applications and any new applications will be handled by:

Topmark (MGS)
160 Bath Street
G2 4TB

Telephone number: 0845 013 6601

From 1 June, claims can be submitted in three ways:

  1. The application form can be completed and emailed to Topmark at the address below, along with electronic copies or scans of any supporting invoices or documentation.
  2. The application form can be emailed and invoices or other supporting documentation sent by post.
  3. The application form can be completed by hand and sent by post along with other documentation.

You will be able to download the application form from however if you require a paper version of the form please call 0845 013 6601 (from 1 June) for further assistance or alternatively, send an email to:

From 1 June any new applications or queries should also be sent to this email address.

You will not need to re-submit any claims which are already in process, as all information will be transferred. Post sent to the old Newport address will be re-directed until the autumn.




From 1 October 2013 professional fees became eligible for this scheme when incurred on the construction, repair and maintenance of public memorial structures.



For details of the quarterly pro rata payment percentage, please click the button below

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We announced in October 2010 that from 1st April 2011 onwards, the Memorial Grant Scheme will have a fixed annual budget of approximately £0.5m. The scheme has been allocated this annual funding for 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15.

During the financial year 2011/12, we did not apply a mechanism of control to manage this fixed budget. In order to ensure that all claimants are treated fairly in the event of pressures on this budget in future we will be introducing a new approach to the scheme which is outline below.

  • From 1st April 2012 the Memorial Grant scheme will operate with quarterly fixed budgets (which will be calculated equally from the total annual budget).
  • Payments will be made once per quarter and the payable rate will depend on the value of the eligible claims received in that quarter, with each claim attracting a fair pro-rata payment.
  • The maximum grant payable in response to any application will be 20% of project costs (i.e. the maximum payable will be the full rate of VAT incurred on eligible expenditure).
  • If the total funding is not used in any quarter, it will be available in the following quarter (but not transferable between financial years). We will publicise at the end of each quarter the value of the applications received and the applicable payable rate.
  • We will publicise the total budget and key dates for the scheme at the beginning of each financial year. This will include the quarterly budget allocation, quarterly payment dates, the date for all applications to be received in each quarter and the date that queries need to be cleared by.
  • Any rejected claims, which are subsequently resubmitted, the date of receipt will be the date the resubmitted claim is received, not the date the original claim was received.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced in the March 2005 Budget, that both charities and faith groups excepted from registering as charities, can reclaim VAT incurred on eligible construction, renovation and maintenance of public memorials since 16th March 2005.

All memorials must bear an inscription identifying the memorial purpose. The text of the inscription must be included in question 8 of the application form.

Invoice spanning works before and after 16th March 2005 can be submitted, but only the element incurred on or after this date will be refunded. This split must be made clear on either the invoice or the application.

There is no minimum or maximum limit on the amount reclaimable.

Payment dates and claim deadlines

The total budget available for FY 2014/15 is £0.543 million. Payments will be made around the middle of July, October, January and April. In order for an eligible claim to be included in one of the quarterly payment runs:

  • Applications must be received by the last working day of the preceding month - June, September, December and March. It is recommended that you obtain proof of posting for all submissions to the scheme.

  • Any queries on your application must be resolved by the deadline stipulated below. If your query cannot be resolved within this time, your application will roll forward into the next quarter, and that quarter’s payable rate will apply. In order to minimise the queries needing resolution at quarter-end, you are asked to submit your application as early as possible in the relevant quarter.

Dates and Budgets for 2014/15

The total budget for the scheme for 14/15 is £0.543m. This will be allocated as follows:

Period ending
Applications to be received by
Queries to be cleared by
Payment to be made on or around
Total funding for the period (to include administration)
30 June 2014
30 June 2014
30 June 2014
18 July 2014
30 September 2014
30 September 2014
6 October 2014
17 October 2014
31 December 2014
31 December 2014
9 January 2015
16 January 2015
31 March 2015
31 March 2015
6 April 2015
13 April 2015
30 June 2015
30 June 2015
6 July 2015
13 July 2015

These figures include grant assessment and processing costs, project monitoring costs and IT development.


This guidance is designed to help you in completing your application. You will find it helpful to read the accompanying guidance notes in full before completing your application. If you require further assistance, then please call to speak to one of our operators on 0845 013 6601. Calls will be charged at the standard local rate.

We will hold some of the information provided on computer. This information will be used to process applications, grants and produce statistics. Some of this information may be shared with other grant providing organisations such as English Heritage, Cadw or Historic Scotland, to avoid the possibility of duplicate payments being made.

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